The Premise of the Book: Increase Income and Decrease Expenses


Increase Income and Decrease Expenses

The premise of this book is that financial freedom depends on two factors: increasing income and decreasing expenses and making sure that income ALWAYS exceeds expenses each month for the rest of your life, except for some extenuating circumstance. It is almost deceptively simple, but it is something that many people fail to remember when they are just living their lives not thinking consciously about it.

There are many people who consistently spend more money than they have coming in each month, living beyond their means, financing this lifestyle with things like credit cards or lines of credit. That is to say nothing about emergencies: a car breaks down, a child gets sick, someone loses a job but with some careful planning and preparation these things do not need to mean financial ruin and although they might be annoying, they do not need to be cause for despair.

To sum it up, people get into serious financial trouble because their expenses exceeds their income. Conversely, people achieve financial success when their income exceeds their expenses and they put this extra money to use wisely. Get the book, The Wealthy English Teacher for some solid advice on how to find yourself in the latter category, as opposed to the former. It really is possible for pretty much everyone!

The Wealthy English Teacher is now available on Amazon.

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