Frugal Living Tip: Plan Your Day


Plan Your Day

The Problem With Disorganization

One of the fastest ways to spend a lot of money is by being disorganized. For example, maybe you work from nine to five and then you are meeting a friend at seven. You might not have time to go home in between work and your appointment, so you grab a quick meal out. Or, perhaps you work from ten to six but you like to sleep in so you get up at the last second possible and get a cup of coffee and muffin on your way to work. Perhaps you are going to your friend’s house for dinner and need to bring a bottle of wine, except you have no time to go to the big supermarket, so you just pick up a bottle at the convenience store. Maybe you meet some friends for a few drinks on a Friday night but you have no idea what time the last subway or bus leaves to get you back home and before you know it, you are spending $20 on a taxi ride.

Plan Your Day and Save Money

If you had planned your day, you could have avoided getting that dinner out between work and seeing your friend. Another possibility would be to meet the friend later and instead go home for some dinner, or even better, prepare something from home to eat. Waking up fifteen minutes earlier saves money through making coffee at home and eating breakfast which would also probably mean going to bed a bit earlier the night before. Considering the dinner earlier in the week provides time to go to the big supermarket to buy that same bottle of wine for half the price. Better yet, try keeping a few bottles in your cupboard for just that kind of occasion. Finally, make it a priority to know the information about public transportation such as when the last bus or subway leaves and then have the personal discipline to be on it, no matter how much fun you are having.

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