Financial Management for Teachers Abroad

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Financial Management for English Teachers Abroad

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7 comments on “Financial Management for Teachers Abroad
  1. I did more or less this during my first few years in Asia. I got rid of my debt pretty quickly, built up some capital, sunk it into some decent stocks, and retired to the tropics at 27… Unfortunately, I got married, divorced, and lost everything so I’m starting again at 30. Oh well. Hopefully I can do it better this time around! Thanks for the guide. It’s a trip down memory lane and hopefully a decent roadmap for the future.

  2. Jackie Bolen says:

    Wow! Retired at 27. That’s very impressive, but sorry to hear about the divorce, etc.

    • Well… semi-retired. ie no more 9-5 working, and just falling back on profitable hobbies. Oh well. Life is full of unexpected turns, and many will be tragic. Gotta bounce back one way or another.

      Thanks for the post. Very much enjoying your blog.

  3. Dr. Daniel Marcellini says:

    Good for you. I’m into my mid fifties and decided to come home. Now I need to find additional work so I can afford to live back home. I’ll make it. It will take time and a lot of investment.

    • Jackie Bolen says:

      As they say in Korea, fighting!

      • Dr. Daniel Marcellini says:

        What needs to be done Jackie is a retirement program set up for the overseas teacher. Money is sent home and invested on behalf of the teacher. At least with some careful investment the teacher will have a nice nest egg to come home to. I may have something in the works to do that. I’ll let you know. Cheers.

        • Jackie says:

          I think a lot of teachers (including myself) already do this on our own. I have an account with Interactive Brokers and I buy dividend paying stocks or ETFs.

          A “plan” of some kind sounds like a pension scheme which are notorious for ripping people off.

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