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High Salary Teaching Jobs

High Salary Teaching Jobs

This article has moved: High Salary ESL Teaching JobsĀ 

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Cost Per Use Model

This is an excerpt from the book, The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future, available on Amazon. Cost Per Use Model After you have paid off your debts and invested some money, you are perhaps contemplating

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Frugal Living Tip: Plan Your Day

The Problem With Disorganization One of the fastest ways to spend a lot of money is by being disorganized. For example, maybe you work from nine to five and then you are meeting a friend at seven. You might not

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Everyone Needs a Small Emergency Fund

Build a Small Emergency Fund Hopefully you have made a wise decision about where to teach and have gotten settled there. Now, it is time to build a small emergency fund. Ideally, you would have done this before you moved

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The Premise of the Book: Increase Income and Decrease Expenses

The premise of this book is that financial freedom depends on two factors: increasing income and decreasing expenses and making sure that income ALWAYS exceeds expenses each month for the rest of your life, except for some extenuating circumstance. It

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