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Why Should you Take my Advice?

You may be wondering who I am and why you should be taking my advice about achieving financial freedom. I will start off by saying that I am just a regular kind of person with no formal training in career development or personal finance but that I have been actively researching and writing about these topics for the past ten years (see my blogs: Freedom Through Passive Income and My Life! Teaching in a Korean University).

I Bought my First Mutual Funds in High School

Even when I was a kid, I was interested in financial stuff and I remember reading just about any finance or investing magazine or book that I could get my hands on; I bought my first mutual funds when I was still in high school from money that I had saved up from my part-time job.

It’s the Book for Everyone-Even Beginners

I have helped many people get started and stay motivated on the path towards financial success in their own lives. I am no financial guru, but this is far from a weakness-it means that I understand where the average person is coming from. I guarantee a book free of jargon and complicated things that the average sixth grader would find difficult to comprehend. It really is a book for just about everyone, even the total beginner just getting started with planning out their financial future.

Then and Now, Financially Speaking

I am originally from Canada but have been living in South Korea for the past ten years and teaching at universities for the past eight. I have transformed myself during that time from an average kind of twenty-two year old just out of university with student loans to totally debt-free and about $200,000 US in investments and multiple passive income streams bringing in around $500 US per month. I now travel the world, taking two exotic vacations a year and generally just enjoy my life, although I still live frugally most of the time. Once you get started with frugal living, it is pretty hard to stop!

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